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Nurikabe Tournaments

Nurikabe Tournament uses the Skillz eSport platform that enables players to play for real cash prizes in 100% skill-based tournaments.

Play this classic Japanese puzzle game against other players and win real cash and great prizes!

Use your wits to clear the clouds and decide which cells are islands and which are water. Be quick and avoid wrong moves to beat other player's score and win the prize!

Islands Puzzle Tournament is powered by Skillz, the world-leading eSports platform for everyone. This means you can win real cash prizes and withdraw them anytime directly from within the app.

Get started with practice tournaments and play head-to-head against other players of the same skill level. Be as quick as possible and avoid wrong moves to maximize your score and take home a cash payday.

Training tournaments are always free. Play as long as you want, whenever you want. You never have to wait for an opponent!


- Learn the rules on easy 5x5 boards

- Practice your strategies and progress through larger and more difficult boards

- Master the tricky 9x9 boards for huge points!

- No guessing is ever needed, and all puzzles are solvable.

- Safe & Secure withdrawals of your winnings within the app.

Start your eSports career today for free. Game on!

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