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The Fishing Club 3D

Bait your hooks and join the ultimate 3D fishing multiplayer action. 

Players have been catching fish since 2013 in this beloved fishing game simulator. There is fun for everyone: peaceful fishing locations in stunning 3D graphics, a friendly community, chat rooms, club tournaments, speed fishing contests, King-of-the-Spot competitions, story quests and hundreds of 3D fish to see and catch. 

- Let's fish with family and friends: Go 3D sport fishing around the planet

- Chat with friends, club mates and players from around the world in the built-in chat rooms.

- Cast your line at Lake Coho in the United States and catch walleye, smallmouth and largemouth bass, muskies, salmon, trout and many more

- Go big-game fishing: Sail through the Caribbean sea and catch marlins, sharks, tuna, sailfish and many more. 

- Sail your boat along the east coast of Australia and catch great white sharks, swordfish, black marlins and many more

- Bait your hooks in Europe and catch carps, pikes, rainbow trouts, zander and many more.

- Explore the heart of Africa and catch goliath tigerfish, kamba catfish, tigerfish and many more.

- Clash with other fishing clubs in PvP multiplayer competitions and become the king of the fishing spot.

- Take part in epic competitions on your own or with your fishing club and win prizes and glory.

- Catch over 200 different 3D fish types

- Collect recipes and ingredients to craft your own baits and boilies

- Join or create a fishing club

- Complete quests and catch legendary fish like the mysterious Tiger Trout and many others

- Go on an epic treasure hunt and catch the infamous shark Gorgemaw. 

- Earn dozens of trophies and catch legendary trophy fishes.

Go fishing and relax

Play now on Steam, iOS, Android, Windows 10, Facebook

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