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Skill Shot Pool

Skill Shot Pool uses the Skillz eSport platform that enables players to play for real cash prizes in 100% skill-based tournaments.

Ready to turn your pool skills into real cash? Then embrace your inner champion and start your virtual pool billiards eSport career today.

Start with a punchy break-shot, aim for the high-score pockets, run the table and take home some real hard cash.

Billiards Royale is now powered by Skillz. You can withdraw the cash you won anytime directly from within the app. 

Join the community and enjoy head-to-head pool competitions with friends or players from around the world. Compete for cash, Z-Bucks or prizes in this addictive 3D pool billiards game. 

Training tournaments are always free. Play as long as you want, whenever you want. You never have to wait for an opponent.

Get Billiards Royale now and experience eSport for everyone!


* Easy to learn, addictive Pool Billiards multiplayer action.

* Hone your skills in training tournaments. Join real cash tournaments once you are ready.

* Compete for Z-Bucks, cash or prizes against players from around the world.

* No loot boxes, no pay-to-win, no unfair advantages - just straight forward pool billiards fun.

* Sink balls indirectly or with bank shot to get TRICK SHOT bonus points

* Perform long shots and get DISTANCE bonus points

* Make clever use of your free gadgets: Multiplier-Spin, Power-Shot, Undo Shot

* Realistic 3D Billiards simulation with forward spin, back spin, side and swerve shots

* Beautiful 3D billiard tables in convenient top down perspective and many realistic table cloth colours

* Earn TROPHIES and claim great prizes

* Collect TICKETS and turn them into CASH and PRIZES

* Climb up the LEAGUE leaderboard and win guaranteed CASH PRIZES

Have fun!

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